DAC Volunteer Position Descriptions

*Workshop Coordinator

The workshop coordinator will work closely with Desarae to organize and facilitate workshops. Some responsibilities will include recruiting instructors for workshops, disseminating workshop information to appropriate members for marketing and calendars, scheduling workshop facilitators, and submitting workshop billing.

*Marketing Team Manager

The marketing team manager will work closely with Desarae, Jamie, and Mirka to market DAC events and workshops to the local community through the use of posters, fliers, and press releases. He/she will manage street-team volunteers to distribute printed materials and will work closely with the social media members to ensure that all events and workshops are advertised on social media.

Social Media and Marketing Team

Work with the marketing team manager to market events and workshops to the local community through social media and traditional media (posters, fliers, Facebook, Instagram, blog, press releases). 

Community Calendars

The community calendar coordinator will work closely with Mirka to make sure all workshops and events are posted on a list of local community calendars.


The fundraiser will work closely with Celine to search out creative fundraising opportunities and plan activities that will be financially beneficial to the collective. 

Gallery Assistant

The gallery assistant will work closely with Jamie to aid in monthly exhibit installation, de-installation, and inventory.

Gallery Maintenance

The gallery maintenance assistant will work closely with Jamie to maintain the cleanliness of the gallery on a weekly basis with the help of non-member volunteers.

Event Management Assistant

The event manager will work closely with Amy to staff special events (either personally or by asking other members) and to coordinate food and drink.

Members are expected to dedicate 6-8 hours per month toward their volunteer positions at the DAC. When possible, members are welcome to combine their volunteer position work with their monthly staffing shift.

*These positions require more than the regular 6-8 hour shift and are recommended for members who wish to continue being involved with the DAC for an extended period of time and who would like to be considered for possible future advancement in their volunteer positions.