Exhibition Planning

7 weeks before artist reception: planning meeting

  • Meet with a board member and your co-exhibitors to determine an overarching theme and title for your exhibition

  • Determine space requirements and limitations for each artist

  • Assign tasks to involved artists. Who will…?

    • Create an inventory list

    • Write artist’s statement

    • Design your website image, flyer, poster, Instagram, and Facebook banner

    • Distribute flyers and posters

    • Write a press release/contact media

  • Schedule set up in the gallery with Jamie (jamie.kyle1@gmail.com ), typically Tue-Thur before artist reception

5 weeks before artist reception: distribute information

  • Marketing images and short description for Facebook and Instagram to Alex (alexannawonder@gmail.com)

    • Images should be sized 1920px x 1080px for Facebook, 1080px x 1080px for Instagram

  • Flyer and poster design to Larry (larryscohenart@gmail.com) DAC covers the cost of three 11x17” color posters. You may add up to twenty 4x5.5” b&w flyers by request.

  • Arrange gallery set up time with Jamie (jamie.kyle1@gmail.com)

  • Image and title of your exhibit to Miroslava for inclusion on the website. (mkvomela@gmail.com)

  • Exhibit title and reception date to Nathan (n.moosechief@gmail.com) for community calendars

  • Image, reception date, artist statement or marketing blurb to Anthony (antphoto@gmail.com) for blog and email blast

  • Write and submit a press release (Larry is available to assist you if you’ve never written a press release or would like help)

  • Remember that you are responsible for staffing your own show! Decide with your co-exhibitors who will be at the gallery during open hours and mark your calendars so people can come see your hard work.

1-4 weeks before artist reception: market your show!

  • Market on social media

    • Invite people to the DAC facebook event

    • Make your own facebook event and invite all your friends

    • Post the event to local facebook groups (salt lake artists, salt Lake emerging art professionals, artists of salt lake, etc.)

    • Post the event on your blog, Instagram, Twitter, website, etc.

  • Distribute your flyers and posters (DAC has a running list of places that will allow you to post)

  • Send event info out to your client list

  • Talk about the event with your friends and family

  • Creative marketing ideas are encouraged (guerrilla marketing, etc.)

1 week before artist reception: last minute details

  • Inventory list and Artist Statement to Jamie

  • Market, market, market your show

Set up

  • All exhibiting artists are required to be present to help hang their show.

  • Jamie has the final say on what goes in the show and where

  • Please be careful moving pedestals and furniture around our floor as it scratches easily

  • Please no nails in the brick or grout

Artist Reception

  • Send any food or drink requests to Desarae (polykleitos12@gmail.com)

  • Arrange staffing for sales

  • Leave the gallery clean after the reception

    • Floor swept, counter and tables wiped down, etc.

    • Trash emptied if full, replace liner

    • Do any dishes you used

    • Remove perishable food

After the Show

  • Set a day to break down your show and pick up your art, usually near the second weekend of the month

  • Leave the gallery clean after break down

    • Floor swept and mopped

    • Take out and clean up any nails or hanging hardware