The Identity Project

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The Identity Project


The Identity Project


Join artist Emily Bagley Hayford, as we explore what identifies us as people. Through this workshop, participants will focus on their identity as humans through writing, painting, and drawing. Participants are asked to bring a notebook or paper and something to write with, and an object that they feel represents themselves (such as an instrument, book, plant, pottery, toy, etc.). Those present will be asked the following questions-


* Who am I?

* What defines me?

* If I take everything physical about my life away (education, social standing, family, friends, etc.), who is left?

* Who do I want to become?

* How can I use my experiences to help my community?

* What do I want to tell/show others in my situation?


-And create an art piece based on their answers. Participants may choose to paint directly on their object, or use it as a source of inspiration to create their piece.



Date: Monday, August 28th

Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Cap Size: 15

Ages: 16+

Class Fee: $15

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