How to Host a Workshop with the Downtown Artist Collective

APPLY (At least 4 weeks in advance)

Contact Larry Cohen at with your idea for a workshop and thoughts on days and times that you would like to hold it.

  • If this is your first workshop with the DAC

    • Your workshop must be a single class, not a series.

    • You are required to submit a lesson outline and request that a board member or senior artist member is present to facilitate and evaluate your workshop.

  • If you are not a DAC Member

    • You must request that a DAC member or junior member is present to facilitate your workshop.


Once Larry approves your workshop, fill out the workshop worksheet.

MARKET (0-4 weeks before)

Market your workshop!

  • Event will be on Facebook and available for purchase on DAC Website within 1 week after it is submitted

  • Invite people to the Facebook event

  • Post the event to local Facebook groups (Salt Lake Artists, Salt Lake Emerging Art Professionals, Artists of Salt Lake, etc.) and continue posting every week or so

  • Design and print flyers and posters

  • Write and submit a press release. Ask Larry ( for help if you need it.

  • Post the event on your blog, Instagram, Twitter, Website, etc

  • Send the workshop info out to your client list

  • Talk about the workshop to your friends and family

CONTACT STUDENTS (at least 24 hours before workshop)

  • Alex will provide you with a form email and a list of students and their email addresses. Feel free to freestyle your own email but make sure that it includes:

    • Date and time of the workshop

    • DAC’s address (258 E 100 S)

    • Parking options (weekends they can park behind the building in any non-Nostalgia spot, otherwise there is 2-hour paid parking along 100 south and 2-hour free parking along 300 east)

    • Reminder of any materials students need to bring


  • Make and follow a lesson plan (I promise it will help)

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early to set up

  • Take role and collect email addresses and fees from any walk-ins

  • Ask students for permission to add their email to the DAC mailing list

  • Take pictures of your workshop and send to Jenn ( Please either get permission from people to post their picture, or avoid including faces in your photos.

  • Leave the gallery how you found it

    • All furniture and displays moved back to original position

    • Floor swept, counter and tables wiped down, etc.

    • Trash emptied if full, replace liner

    • Do any dishes you used


  • Send an email to Alex that details:

    • How many students showed up

    • Any new email addresses you collected

    • How the payments should break down if there was more than one instructor

    • If you prefer to pick up your check or to have it mailed (include mailing address)

  • The gallery takes a 30% commission on sales of all workshops taught by non-DAC members, a 15% commission for all workshops taught by DAC members, a $10 fee for non-profit workshops that are not led by a DAC member, and a $5 fee for non-profit workshops that are led by a DAC member.

  • Alexanna will send out an evaluation email after each workshop or series of workshops. Results of the evaluations will be available upon request.


Alex will send out an evaluation email after each workshop or series of workshops. Results of the evaluations will be available upon request.