DAC JUNE 2019 ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - Alexanna Wonder & Chris Bodily

Alex Wonder makes surrealist inspired artwork with environmental and occult themes.  Her work spans from dance performances to photography, drawing, and painting. From 2016 - 2017, she combined painting with alternative photographic processes to create two Tarot Decks; the Conjure Oracle Deck and the Cyanotype Deck. In addition to running an art booth to promote my decks, she teaches various art technique workshops at the Downtown Artist Collective and partners with organizations to fundraise for various causes.  

Alex Wonder1.jpg

Currently She is exploring myths, both personal and cultural.  Alex re-contextualizes events into works of art and fantastic imagery, giving a sense of magic to the everyday.    

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More of Alexanna’s work can be seen here: www.alexannawonder.com

Chris Bodily is a fine artist and illustrator creating artwork under the name Hatrobot for almost twenty years. His body of work is primarily ink illustration influenced by cartoons, comic books, lowbrow, tattoos, and graffiti. Stylistically his work today is still characterized by the cartoons he watched as a kid, but thematically he strives for concept work with more weight. 

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Chris Bodily’s work has been featured in Juxtapoz, Nius-News, Koi Koi Koi, In-Print, and Big Shiny Robot. He’s shown with Blonde Grizzly, Pandemonium, 313 North Studios in Las Vegas, and he was the Hive Gallery's in-house artist for six years. He is a regular contributor to Utah Stories, Salt Lake City Weekly, and Slug Magazine, with freelance clients including Bikers Against Child Abuse, iO West, Heebeegeebeez Comics Games & Toys, and Hellskate.    

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 More of Chris Bodily’s work can be found on his website http://www.hatrobot.com

Alexanna and Chris are showing their work this month at the Downtown Artist Collective, with a reception on June 21st from 6:00 - 9:30 PM, 258 East 100 South in downtown Salt Lake City. We hope to see you there!