March 2019 Art show at the Downtown Artist Collective

The Downtown Artist Collective is proud to present the work of Desarae Lee and Prajit Ravindran in a show titled Desolate.

March 2019 DAC show featuring the work of Desarae Lee and Prajit Ravindran

March 2019 DAC show featuring the work of Desarae Lee and Prajit Ravindran

Desarae Lee is a fine artist and illustrator from Salt Lake City, Utah. Her art has appeared in galleries and art shows across the US and she has won numerous awards for her work. She is also a published author and illustrator and serves as a founding board member at Salt Lake City’s Downtown Artist Collective, where she can occasionally be found teaching drawing or printmaking.

Desarae’s technique revolves around using line to create value and texture.  Working primarily with pen and ink, Desarae balances exact, meticulous line-work with natural, flowing compositions.  Over time, her work has developed to include watercolor, tea staining, and printmaking.  This shift results in more organic drawings that still maintain her original intricacy.

Influenced by personal trauma and struggles with depression and anxiety disorders, Desarae creates work that revolves around themes of finding humor in pain, beauty in the grotesque, and light in the darkness. As comfortable referencing geek culture as she is bearing the depths of her soul, Desarae’s work ranges in theme but is always, as she says, “an attempt to connect the hidden places in myself to the hidden places in the viewer, to somehow create a bridge of communication over the immense expanse of our differing perceptions, beliefs, and experiences.”


Prajit Ravindran started his journey in the world of photography over a decade ago. He dabbled into different genres of photography before focusing on landscape photography. He has traveled to 24 states in the US to capture the natural beauty that surrounds us. During the last several years he has driven around 100,000 miles exploring the rich, diverse landscape that Utah has to offer. He is currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah and has shown in many venues across the United States and was Included in Time magazine's 51 photographers to follow in the US -

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