DAC April 2018 Artist Spotlight – Heather Romney and Katie Strader

Everyone lives with Monsters, each is a living, breathing terror to the one who carries it.  Born from many different types of wombs and wounds, they are often silent to the world as they keep us forever engaged in battle.  

Heather Romney’s large-scale narrative of emotionally charged drawings and paintings address the invisible and internal “monsters” that revolve around depression, anxiety, and identity and how those struggles often go unseen to the people around them.

Untitled - Sorrow II Heather Romney.jpg

Katie Strader believes a monster’s power comes from darkness and secrecy.  She works to reclaim power in authentic Self through transparency; accepting the monsters that follow us from childhood and the monsters we create to fight them.

Katie Strader.jpg

Heather Romney holds a B.F.A. in Photography from the University of Utah. For the past six years, she has been creating portrait photography & illustrations using artistic and emotional narratives. Her most recent photo & illustration work can be found on Instagram under @heatherromney (photography) and @heatherromneyart (illustration).

Katie Strader is a recent graduate of Weber State University and will be starting a Low Residency MFA at the School Of Art Institute Of Chicago this June.  Each of Katie’s works are driven by the process of embracing experience.  An intimate interaction and relationship between her and the mediums chosen, she organically builds and subtracts layers until she, and the piece, find their identity as more than a painting or painter.  Katie strives to engage the viewer to experience a subject as a drawn out moment that invites a deeper interpretation by defying the linear definition of a person or thing.

The show Heather Romney & Katie Strader: InVISIBLE Monsters is a multimedia exhibition held at the Downtown Artist Collective in the months of April and May of 2018.