DAC April 2018 Artist Spotlight – Chris Madsen

For April we spotlight DAC artist Chris Madsen. Chris works primarily in the medium of photography utilizing processes from the 19th century such as wet plate collodion, cyanotypes, van dyke brown printing along with traditional film and digital processes and hand worked pieces with wax encaustics.

Chris is a published fine art photographer who travels the United States participating in arts festivals and exploring gallery opportunities.  Chris describes his work as emotionally cinematic, coming from a strong emotional place that verges on dark or foreboding but still representing femininity and the beautiful in this world.  His work evokes a strong emotional response in the viewer, allowing them to use their imagination to tell their own story about what is happening in the pieces. Chris describes his work with the following artist statement:

For me the purpose of life, the purpose of my imagery, is to compel others to pause. Using photographic mediums digital, film and wet plate collodion I work to create images that will inspire emotion. To tell a story using only a few seconds out of life. I hope that work moves those who see it to stop for a second and ponder. Maybe a memory or a song, some words, a time or place. This is what it does for me. This is what all art that moves me does for me.

I love to shoot with very loose concepts. My editing style or aesthetic is inspired by the work itself, as well as my current mood, and feeling. I attempt to let every image tell its own story, and help to create the feminine emotion that I find comforting to my soul, and hopefully others. My themes tend to be based on the beauty and darkness of feminine form. With a certain melancholy or macabre undertone.

Chris is currently showing his work in a two-person show called 2 Photographers that are Nothing Alike,  with Prajit Ravindran at the Downtown Artist Collective Gallery.  The show runs through April 16th, 2018.

More of Chris Madsen’s work can be found on his website http://burningpaperhearts.com


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     From the series Aphotic by   Chris Madsen

From the series Aphotic by Chris Madsen