DAC Artist Spotlight – Karen Kendall

Utah artist Karen Kendall is originally from Michigan where she began creating art as a young girl with pen and ink - a medium she still loves and practices today.  On her website, Karen describes her background and process with a sense of wonder and passion. 

High school art classes brought about oil renderings of rock bands, and an everlasting interest in, and love of, painting. Having had no formal training in art and technique, I developed my own personal style which is continually developing and growing, particularly as “happy accidents” occur that spark a new “Wow, that’s cool!” moment.  

As an artist, Karen hopes to elicit emotion in viewers, whether it is through the subject or through bold color.  To her, a painting should evoke a visceral response, drawing the viewer in, and inviting them to “take a journey” outside themselves. 

Kendall 1.jpg

In January 2018, Karen will be showing her work at the Downtown Artist Collective in an exhibition titled “Evolution”.  Karen describes the show as the following:

Evolution; “the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.”  This work demonstrates the Evolution of an artistic, creative and spiritual journey through my practice.  The spirit of change over time is evidenced in my body of work and this is the most modern version of what I have become.  Evolution is unearthed slowly, each discovery bringing something new to light.  A slight change in features, a new shape or characteristic, all fleeting until the most powerful survives.  I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me, and that I am able to elicit a feeling or an emotion in you as you discover my work.

The opening and artist’s reception for “Evolution” is Friday, January 19th at the Downtown Artist Collective, in conjunction with the January Gallery Stroll.  The exhibit runs through February 11th, 2018.   

More of Karen Kendall’s artwork can be found on her website: https://karenmillarkendallart.squarespace.com