DAC Artist Spotlight – Chris Bodily

Chris Bodily is an alumni and former adjunct professor of the Southern Utah University Art Department. He has been illustrating under the name Hatrobot for almost twenty years. His body of work is primarily ink illustration influenced by cartoons, comic books, lowbrow, tattoos, and graffiti. If you have attended the Utah Arts Festival or Gallery Stroll events in Utah over the last several years, you are probably familiar with his bold, graphic artwork.


Chris has loved drawing for as long as he can remember. Growing up he was big into comic books and cartoons. He taught himself to draw by watching reruns of the Simpsons. He says he was a pretty awkward kid in school, so drawing became his super power for making friends. When he first read Chris Ware's Acme Novelty Library in middle school it was like a whole world opened up in his mind as to what was possible for illustration. He realized illustration didn't have to just be for kids, it could have depth and emotional complexity. Stylistically his work today is still influenced by the cartoons he watched as a kid, but thematically he strives for concepts with more weight. 

There are several artists Chris admires, but he tries not to emulate any one style too closely for fear of becoming derivative. Instead he tries to take inspiration from the things around him.  Anything he’s reading, listening to, or experiencing will feed itself into his work. Chris feels it's important to take what his wife calls "Artist Dates" where you take a break from the work and experience things to renew your creative reserves.

Chris never really needed a specific motivation to be creative. He feels most himself when he is drawing, so he draws constantly. Creativity for him takes place when you shut off the part of your brain that edits itself, so he tries to not have expectations for the work. He feels there is no such thing as a mistake if you embrace every decision. The work is better when you stop worrying if the work is any good.  

His work has changed considerably in the last few years. For a long time he used drawing as catharsis for his bipolar disorder. The work was much more visceral and raw. As he learned to better deal with his mental health issues and balance his life in other ways, he’s focused more on mastery and technical proficiency. He’s never much cared for conceptual art and believes an image either speaks for itself or it doesn't. He likes the idea that different people can experience the same piece of work in different ways. He doesn't need the viewer to see him, he wants them to see themselves. 

The last few months Chris has been working on a comic book with his wife called Black Lantern. They are about 80 pages deep, and hopefully next year they can find someone to publish it. Outside of that he keeps practicing his technique.

Currently, he is a drawing instructor for Weber State Continuing Education and the Bountiful Davis Art Center.  His work has been featured in Juxtapoz, Nius-News, Koi Koi Koi, In-Print, and Big Shiny Robot. He’s shown with Blonde Grizzly, Pandemonium, 313 North Studios in Las Vegas, and was the Hive Gallery's in-house artist for six years. He is a regular contributor to Utah Stories, Salt Lake City Weekly, and Slug Magazine, with freelance clients including Bikers Against Child Abuse, iO West, Heebeegeebeez Comics Games & Toys, and Hellskate.

More of Chris Bodily’s work can be found on his website, www.hatrobot.com.

2nd Annual Holiday Market

Our two receptions for the 2nd Annual Holiday Market were great! Art lovers, braving the cold, came in to support not just our collective members but also the 11 guest artists. We enjoyed talking with everyone and there were a lot of great gifts purchased. Of course we have more available and are now open for our Holiday Hours:

Friday: 4pm-7pm
Saturday: 11am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-4pm

There is still time to come in and find unique gifts for loved ones or yourself. Did we mention we have gift cards for workshops? Give the gift of art, or the gift of art-making!

One-year Anniversary Pictures

We’ve had an exciting month at the DAC!  We are preparing for our annual Holiday Market and just closed our Anniversary Show. Thanks for the amazing turnout and overwhelming support at our opening reception last month. It was a night full of laughter, drinks, and friends as we celebrated a successful first year for the Downtown Artist Collective. We also introduced our new artists and are excited about the way the group dynamics are developing. It promises to be a great year at the DAC with some incredible collaborations and a heightened focus on getting out into the community. To achieve our goals we’ve added two community outreach members to the collective who will be working with the youth, getting them interested in the arts.

We’ll also be spotlighting collective members each week on Facebook and Instagram. Look for Alexanna Wonder, Alexis Hansen, Anthony Siciliano, Chris Bodily, Heather Romney, Jeffrey Hale, Nathan Mulford, Katie Strader, and Prajit Ravindran. As well as our amazing board members; Amy Leininger, Celine Downen, Chris Madsen, Desarae Lee, Jamie Kyle, and Miroslava Vomela.  And newly added community outreach members; Emily Bagley and Karen Kendall.

Starting Nov 17th our annual Holiday Market opens.  It’s a great opportunity to pick up the gift of art for the holidays as well as supporting your local artists!

DAC Holiday Market Call for Artists

Downtown Artist Collective invites all Utah artists and to apply to participate in the 2017 Holiday Arts Market running Nov. 17th – Dec. 23rd.

To apply: Send an email to downtownartistcollective@gmail.com that includes a description and/or images of the work you intend to show, as well as a link to your portfolio or website. Applications are due by midnight on Monday, October 23rd. Artists from all media and techniques are welcome to apply. Artists will be notified of acceptance status on or before October 30th.

Grand Opening Pictures

We were completely blown away by the love and support we received during our grand opening! Literally hundreds of people were in attendance through out the night, some we knew and many we did not know which was wonderful. It was a successful evening and a great start to this new adventure we find ourselves on.

Come to our Holiday Gift Show on Friday November 18th for more artwork from DAC artists, and guest artists from the community!


Downtown Artist Collective Grand Opening and Exhibition!

The Downtown Artist Collective is a brand new artist collective in Downtown Salt Lake, and we are having a party to celebrate Friday October 21st! Founded by local artists and entrepreneurs, our mission is to be a place the community and fine art come together through exhibitions, studio space, artists talks, classes and workshops. 

The exhibition will be featuring the members of the DAC Collective and introduce the community to what they do. Mediums range from 3D pieces, paintings, illustration, photography, and mixed media. All pieces will be for sale to support our artists and the collective.

We will have sign up sheets for our upcoming workshops available, ranging from figure drawing, to artist support groups. Come snack on cheese and crackers and enjoy local musicians "The Bookends" and Gillian Chase providing live music through out the evening.

We will be having art give aways the week of October 17th-21st so watch our facebook page for more information!

Reception from 6-9pm

All ages welcome and free to the public!

Hope to see you all there!



Downtown Artist Collective: Our Mission

We are creating opportunities for artists and the community to come together through our newly created Artist Co-Op Downtown Artist Collective (DAC). We hope to provide an environment for artist to cultivate and strengthen their work, be exposed to various artists and learning different technique and skills, and providing a place for exhibition and interaction with the community.