DAC 2018 Exhibition Proposals

Welcome to the new show season at the DAC! A few changes have been implemented this new show season…mainly the inclusion of exhibition proposals.

Why exhibition proposals?

The DAC has called for exhibition proposals to give artist members an opportunity to plan and coordinate their own shows. Rather than assign show spots randomly or based on medium and style, the DAC would rather make meaningful connections between artists. Use this opportunity to find and collaborate with artist members whose work interests you. Some of the best exhibits and artwork happen when artists collaborate and work toward a common goal.

What is an exhibition proposal?

An exhibition proposal is a document that outlines an artist’s ideas regarding an upcoming exhibition. Artists’ proposals should include images that support and represent their ideas and concepts. Artists should also explain what sort of artwork they will produce and how it will be displayed. When an exhibition proposal is drafted, often times the artwork that will be included in the show has not yet been completed. This is perfectly fine. The idea behind an exhibition proposal is to present the gallery your concept and explain how you plan to support those ideas using artwork.

What to include in a proposal?

Exhibition proposals often include the following:

  • Possible themes and ideas presented in exhibition
  • Artists to be included
  • Possible show titles
  • Types of artworks included
  • Quantity and size of artworks
  • Installation information
  • Possible workshops or programming that may accompany show
  • Scheduling limitations
  • Artist contact information

Here's a sample proposal you can use as a model (the download contains a zip file with a pdf proposal document and supporting image files)

How many people should a proposal include?

That’s up to you. There may be as many or as few as you wish. Just be aware that a solo exhibition will require a substantial amount of work. Don’t apply for more than you can handle in the given time frame.

Remember, the purpose of an exhibition proposal is to give the gallery a good idea of what you want to present and how. Be honest and realistic in your proposals. Once a proposal has been submitted to and accepted by the gallery, you’re expected to deliver.

What if following this process, our show idea changes?

Changes in plan and ideas following the acceptance of a proposal are perfectly normal. It’s hard to plan and commit to a show that doesn’t even exist yet. We understand that things will evolve and change as you work. Regardless, the gallery should be informed of any substantial changes in your exhibition plan.